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Summit Self Storage
We were enroute to an RV park when a BMW on the other side of the highway caused a chain reaction horrific crash that totaled our truck and trailer and took the life of another driver. We had emergency need for a storage unit as the rental SUV could not hold all the belongings from the truck and trailer. We literally had 5 min to find a place to store our belongings as we had only a very short time to get our salvageable stuff out and into the unit. The Kiosk self service, and ease of access. Truly made our lives easier. Knowing the storage is secure will put our minds at ease, as we live over 8 hours away and returning will be months away. Thank you Summit self storage for the helpful role you are playing in the recovery of this horrible situation. Sincerely, The Kings
Summit Self Storage
I rented a unit for 2 months. All entries and exits had no problems. Whenever I called the office, they were helpful and very pleasant to talk to. I moved to a storage facility closer to my home.
Richard Farrell
Summit Self Storage
We've been using a storage unit here since December of 2017 and have found it very convenient to use. There has been no water or rodent damage to our boxes which we really appreciate. There also have been upgrades to the pavement between the units and to the entry code boxes. The new website is much improved and now simpler to use for online payment!
Yvonne Winsor
Summit Self Storage
Inexpensive, great location and friendly staff, i had my storage unit for 5 years, zero complaints! Thanks summit self storage
Troy Williams
Summit Self Storage
Stanley Minton
Summit Self Storage
Thank you for storing our stuff! These guys are great and have really good customer service.
Wilson Receipts
Summit Self Storage
N Nyden
Summit Self Storage
lorina poppen
Summit Self Storage
I have been using Summit self storage for over 10 years now and they are a great company. Everything is kept up well & the girls in the office are always kind.
Heather B
Summit Self Storage
teena Hollowell
Summit Self Storage
lyndsey kuper
Summit Self Storage
Units are straight and clean. I was able to rent a unit and move stuff in on a Sunday afternoon! Very convienant kiosk lets you do everything
Oregon Enterprise
Summit Self Storage
Straightforward no BS, no thrills, no frills.. just easy access affordable storage solution.
Jason Freeman
Summit Self Storage
I'm on a quest to live a minimalist lifestyle. The things you own end up owning you. However, there are a few things that are worth saving in life, and I...
Lizzie B.