Vehicle Storage

boat storage & RV storage

Oftentimes we can find ourselves with a lack of space where we least expect it. Certainly, when you bought your RV, or your boat, you knew you would have to keep it somewhere, but perhaps you moved a bit too much out of the way to fit your trailer in your garage. Maybe you did not expect your ATV to take up that much space until you saw how much you had to move to fit it in. Well rest assured the days of playing tetris with the things in your garage is over

Indoor Storage Spaces

Summit Storage offers large, indoor storage spaces that are like a whole extra garage suitable for boat storage, vehicle storage & more. You can keep a spare vehicle alongside boxes, furniture, or other belongings for the months, years, or decades to come, and know that your baby will be kept safe with us for the off-season. Whether it’s your bike, your boat, your camper, or anything else, we know these vehicles mean a lot to you. They are no small investment, and you care about them. We understand that, and when you store them with us, we care for them the way you would care for them.

Our location features large interior drive-up units for vehicle storage that would fit inside a garage, but if you find yourself with the need to keep a particularly large vehicle with us, we offer exterior parking as well. An on-site manager is available after office hours by phone if you ever have any concerns, and we are one hundred percent committed to keeping you satisfied with your service. Your belongings are important to you, and that means they are important to us, too. Contact us today for details, or reserve your space online right now